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Happy Hours are fun, vibrant and relaxing. They make us smile and give us community. That's what exercise and good health should do for us! Let me show you what you can accomplish in less than one hour a day. You don't need a gym membership, the perfect outfit or an empty schedule. You just need a desire to have something more and to feel your best. Welcome to my Happy Hour!

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How To Meet New People

How To Meet New People

Apr 21, 2016 | One Comment

It can be hard to meet new people When my husband, daughter and I moved to California from Hawaii two years ago, the hardest thing was leaving our friends. We were part of an amazing and very special community in our town. There were at least 15 couples we hung out with regularly, and the […]

Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Apr 6, 2016 | 8 Comments

I’ve talked a lot about lessons in waiting, patience, holding tight to your dreams and accepting the unknown over the past year. Some of this has surrounded my journey with fertility over the past two years, and some of it has had to do with a subject I haven’t talked about. Selling my physical therapy […]

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